Serve Ministry

Serving in the church is a privilege as we get to use our time and talents to minister to others and glorify God. When that attitude redefines the motivations behind our service, then we move beyond mere doing and duty, but into worship. That’s why at Lakeside we’ve developed a whole ministry around helping people passionately pursue God by identifying, developing, and releasing people into serving others through the church and its array of opportunities to be a servant to others.

In the Serve Ministry we value the opportunity to help people take a next step toward volunteering, leading, or becoming a partner with Lakeside. To this end, we are developing tools, classes, and coaching to help people be fully engaged in all that God has for them. If you’re ready to put your gifts to use or want to learn more, contact our team by using the form below or consider filling out a service card at the next Lakeside event.

Curious as to how you might fit best on a ministry team?

Register to take the Working Genius assessment to better understand some of your talents and desires when it comes to working with others.