Ready to join the adventure?

For those ready to formally make a commitment to joining Lakeside, consider pursuing Partnership. Partnership is the church’s own version of membership. While you don’t have to be a partner to attend Lakeside or to be involved in its programs and ministries, it is a healthy, biblical, and important step to take. Find out more by attending the next Partnership class where you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about who Lakeside Alliance Church is, how it operates, and how you can be a part of this movement.

Additionally, if you’re curious about what it means to commit to being a partner, consider the following list of statements that every Lakeside partner agrees to pursue.

  1. In this season, with Lakeside’s leadership and Christ’s presence, I commit to stepping out in faith willingly sacrificing my preferences as needed to partner in the greater vision of helping people passionately pursue Jesus, together.
  2. I commit to do my level best in praying for the people in this local area and my pastor daily.
  3. Genuine community around a cause is an incredibly powerful and healthy force. I commit to being actively engaged in the Lakeside community and to attending key Partner gatherings. To this end, I will lovingly encourage my family (as applicable) to do likewise.
  4. I commit to having a willing, humble, and joyful attitude towards serving at Lakeside.
  5. With a desire to help them grow in their faith and pursuit of Jesus Christ, I commit to inviting others who are not actively a part of a local gospel preaching church to attend Lakeside.
  6. I commit to prioritizing a growing understanding, ability, and active attempts to share the basic gospel message with others.
  7. As God enables, I commit to being generous with my resources towards the work of ministry at Lakeside, my brothers, and sisters in Christ near me, and the work of Christian missions around the globe.
  8. I commit to actively avoiding divisive behavior, pursue a life characterized by godliness, and will seek the health of Lakeside Alliance Church while recognizing the call of Christ to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. I will work, celebrate, and suffer alongside all those co-labor in the gospel.

  9. I have formally made a commitment to partner with Lakeside Alliance Church. I have affirmed the Lakeside Alliance Church’s Statement of Faith. I will support Lakeside’s Vision and will submit to Lakeside’s Board of Elders as a partner of the church.

If you’re ready to explore this opportunity, consider registering for our next Partnership class through our events page below.