As the third of nine children, mom to four boys, and an inability to sit still, Adele is well suited for working with kids. She has a passion for children meeting Jesus at a young age and allowing their understanding of Him and His love to shape their lives. She likes to be where the action is, and waging war for the hearts of children certainly fits that description. Adele has experienced personally that true and abundant life is only found when pursuing the God who first pursued her, and it is her desire to help boys and girls find that life for themselves.
Adele studied Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute and currently resides in Port Washington with her husband Jon, four sons, and golden retriever. When she’s not educating, feeding, dressing, playing with, and generally keeping her sons alive, she enjoys reading novels, playing piano, being active outside, and eating good food. She has a heart for the Port Washington community and is wholeheartedly on board with the vision of Lakeside Alliance to “Help people passionately pursue Jesus, together.”